API Quick Start For Fish Aquarium Effectively Promotes The Natural Aquarium Cycle To Make Your New Aquarium Water Safe For Your Fishy Friends

  • This special formula is perfect in cases when you are adding fish to your new aquarium, changing the water, changing filter media, after medicating or whenever ammonia or nitrite are detected
  • The liquid immediately starts the natural aquarium cycle and helps to prevent ‘New Tank Syndrome’
  • In new aquariums, harmful ammonia and nitrite build up from fish waste, often resulting in fish loss
  • New Tank Syndrome occurs when there is a lack of suitable bacteria to break down the waste produced by your fish
  • The handy formula contains beneficial bacteria to help establish the biological filtration process which converts toxic ammonia into harmless nitrate
  • The live, nitrifying bacteria quickly consume ammonia and nitrite to create a safe environment for your fish