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Aussie Pet Doors APD Medium Aluminium Framed Pet Door. Suits Glass, Timber Door, Security Screen & Wall Mount Installation

Aussie Pet Doors APD Medium Aluminium Framed Pet Door. Suits Glass, Timber Door, Security Screen & Wall Mount Installation


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This pet door is for pet lovers by pet lovers suiting our smallest to medium sized furry friends and ideal in a multi sized pet home and for the older smaller dog so he or she doesn’t need to jump though hoops of a smaller door.


This pet door is for pet lovers by pet lovers suiting our smallest to medium size furry friends and ideal in a multi sized pet home and for the older small to mid sized dog so he or she doesn’t need to jump though hoops of a smaller door.

This super strong aluminium framed pet door is designed to be aesthetically pleasing while maintaining the rugged durability of aluminium construction. The single flap model is available for glass window and doors including double glazed units, timber doors, security screen doors and wall mount applications – see photos for our experienced teams fitting examples. A flexible and virtually unbreakable flap seals against the aluminium frame with a brush weather seal, which is held in place by powerful magnets and yet easy enough for cats and small dogs to be able to open. The flap features magnets each long side of the flap as well as the entire width of the short side on the bottom of the flap which can be amended to suit your installation needs. Dog doors can also add security concern right? Ultimate security is provided with this pet door via a tough composite panel with a robust locking mechanism, stronger than any other lock on other doors, good luck to an intruder who dares to enter a backyard after seeing a door of this size and not wondering what giant could greet them! The TPU flap remain flexible in extreme climates unlike PVC flaps which become brittle and fail, in our years of fitting these doors an supplying to trade we have not had a replacement flap concern, they are that good!

Medium Door Specifications – Height x Width
  • Flexible Flap Size – 318mm x 222mm
  • Overall Size – 418mm x 306mm

Suggested Cut Out Size –365 mm x 255 mm (timber door installation). Please note – When installing into a single glaze or double glazed unit glass installation the cut out size varies depending on the location of installation to allow for the rebate in the frame. As an example for a central notch cutout in a double glazed unit installation the cut out is larger than for single glass panel to cover the silicone seal of a double glazed unit. We are trade qualified glaziers by trade and installations vary from job to job to suit each pet using the doors ease of access in taking into account the ground level inside and out and the customers preference eg, central or side fitting as you will see from our photos. The self lining tunnel will also need to be cut down to suit the thickness of glass the dog door is being fitted to, see below install notes for further detail.

Ideal positioning of pet door should be about 1 inch above the top of the tallest users back to allow easy access. View our photos of installations to see how versatile this door is to suit the ease of use and fitting application.

Door Ideally Suits

This Medium Dog Door with Aluminium Frame suits mid sized breeds and multi pet homes. Also great for small – medium sized dogs with leg or back issues to allow a greater ease of access.

**NOTE** Dogs do vary in size even within the same breed, so the above list is a guide only. The best way to find the right size for your pet is to cut the dimensions of the flap opening out of a piece of cardboard and see which size your pet is most comfortable going through. You must always keep in mind a dog should be able to walk through at a natural level without having to jump or duck down too much, it is most important no part of the dog hits the top of the flap as he/she enters/exits.

Pet Door Features
  • Available in a pleasing anodised silver frame
  • Unique brush weather seal to prevent drafts
  • Flaps held in place by powerful magnets
  • Two larger sizes also available
Installation Notes
  • Glass Install – Ideally suits hinged (in or out doors), glass windows or side panels of glass where a door does not slide over due to the side on profile width of this pet door. Also suits bottom panels of glass. This door is made to suit a timber door installation but as glaziers by trade we simply cut down the internal tunnel with an angle grinder for a snug glass fit. This modification easy takes less than 5 minutes to make. Glass cut out sizes vary from cut out positioning then from single glazed to double glazed units, please consult us if you need to order your new glass before the dog door arrives for assistance. Also read above suggested cut out size details.
  • Timber Install – suits doors 30mm to 50mm (1 3/8” to 2”). This door comes as standard to fit this style fitting applications
  • Wall Install – suits any thickness walls with a custom built tunnel. You can use checker plate (like photo example attached ) or MDF if you need wider. Easy installation for anyone handy.
  • Single Flap- Tested in extreme climates like Alaska and Arizona. Our flexible flap is made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) resin. Our flap will not puncture, tear, or change shape in extreme low or high temperature. Dark tint to prevent sun damage and increases insulation and security. On this single flap version, the flap is on the outside frame.
  • Aluminium Frame – Designed to be rugged and stylish. Unlike other metal framed dog doors that have flat metal frames, this dog door has a bevelled frame. Just like a picture frame. Like the photo good enough to be framed, our frame is good enough to have a photo in it. Our dog door will look great in any room of the house.
  • Door Liner – These models comes with slip joint the Tunnel sections as part of the door, making installation a simple slip joint installation. Completely frames in the hole made in your door. Refer to door and wall specs above. For glass installation we simply cut down the this door liner so either side of the pet door fits snug against the glass as you will see in a few of the listing photos. Our glaziers make this simple modification in a couple of minutes and can be made by anyone handy.
  • Security Panel- The Dog Door’s security panel is made of composite material. It is composed of a Class 1 (BS476) Thermoplastic-Polyethylene core, sandwiched between two aluminium alloy sheets through a continuous heat and pressure process with the problem-free lamination adhesive foil. It is extremely rigid, almost unbreakable panel mainly used for the cladding of buildings. See photos attached for view of the slide up down lock out panel which also have clips accessed by the inside only to ensure the security panel cant be slid up from the outside, a great feature.
  • Manufacturer Warranty – These pet doors have a 3 year warranty from date of purchase subject to proof of purchase date, against faulty workmanship and malfunction due to manufacturing error. This warranty does not apply to any product that in the manufacturers opinion has been improperly installed or used and no liability is accepted for any defect caused by accidental damage or negligence.



Note – modification may be required for glass and screen installation (lining tunnel cut down).

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APD Medium Aluminium Framed Door. Suits Glass, Timber Door, Security Screen & Wall Mount Install.

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