Catit Flower Water Fountain Replacement Mini Filter Cartridge 3 Pack is a Perfect Way to Create Fresh Healthy Tasty Water for Your Cat

Catit Flower Water Fountain Mini For Cats 1.5L

  • Effective dual-action fountain filter for use with Catit Water Fountain Mini
  • The mesh material collects large particles and debris
  • Creates fresh and clear water
  • Activated carbon helps reduce odours and absorbs impurities
  • Softens tap water to help reduce the risk of urinary tract infections which is a common health problem for cats
  • Removes bacteria and chlorine odours for better tasting water
  • Filters out hair, sediment and debris
  • Contains 3 units in pack
  • Compatible with Catit Flower Water Fountain Mini which can be purchased separately


  • 6.5cm x 7cm x 0.5cm