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Catit Smartsift Deluxe Hooded Cat Pan Set Warm Grey

Catit Smartsift Deluxe Hooded Cat Pan Set Warm Grey

Catit Smartsift Deluxe Hooded Cat Pan Set Warm Grey

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Welcome to the Smartsift, a simple litter sifting system that takes the chore out of litter maintenance. Even a kid could do it! Simple and innovative, SmartSift’s litter sifting design does the scooping for you so you can say goodbye to your old litter scooper.

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The Catit Smartsift Deluxe Hooded Cat Pan Set Grey is an automatic litter sifting system that takes the chore out of litter maintenance. Simple yet innovative, SmartSift’s litter sifting design does the scooping for you. So you can say goodbye to your litter scooper. To refresh the cat litter pan, all you have to do is pull the lever-it’s that simple. It’s so easy and mess-free, even a child can do it. The lever activates an automated and noiseless Pull and Refresh process that quickly and efficiently refreshes the litter pan, while collecting waste in one easy operation. Clean litter is recycled back into the pan and waste clumps are deposited in a lined collection bin for easy disposal.

Replenishing the litter is also easy, simply open the maintenance access door and add as needed. SmartSift is a safe manual system, with no motorised pieces that can heat up or fail over time and no expensive electronic parts to replace. This feature is quiet and safe, making it very cat friendly. SmartSift’s sealed design prevents tracking and controls dust. Moreover, it comes with an integrated carbon filter to absorb odours inside the pan.

Key Features
  • Automatic litter sifting system that automatically does the scooping for you
  • Easy to clean and maintain by pulling the lever it refreshes the litter pan
  • One easy waste collecting operation
  • Integrated carbon filter absorbs odours inside the pan
  • Safe and quiet process
  • Sealed design minimises tracking, provides privacy
  • A large swinging door allows cats to enter and exit easily
  • Clear-view access window allows easy monitoring of litter
  • Pull-out waste bin collects waste clumps for easy disposal
  • Maintenance access door allows you to easily replenish litter
  • Includes one biodegradable liner for the cat pan and one for the pull-out waste bin.

Product Dimensions: 63cm x 48cm x 66cm

Colour: Grey

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 67 × 49 × 45.5 cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kelsie Derrick

Tray moves scaring the cat

Ana Camila Rengifo Giron
Faulty order

My order arrived with faults that don’t allow it to function as intended. I sent a complaint yesterday to the company and it was of no avail. I would like a refund or replacement in accordance to the consumer rights victoria. Thank you

Chelsea Heard

Havnt got it yet

Worth the money

Aussie Pet Doors delivered my SmartSift litter box within a couple of days, which was very impressive. It was also the best price I could find online.
The cats took a few hours to decide that it was not just a plaything, but they've got the hang of it now. Although, one of my cats seems to take the carbon filter as a personal affront. I had to throw it away because I'm not sure she should be eating it!
Using crystal litter:
I scooped it today, and it worked! There's a bit of waste litter in the bin, but not much, and it seems to have picked up all of the solid parts. There are also some pieces of charcoal filter - remnants of the filter she was so determinedly destroying before.
I have noticed that the bottom drawer is not a tight fit. I haven't had a problem with smell with this litter, and hopefully I won't have a problem with this gap. But it is definitely worth bearing in mind.
Time will tell if it holds up but, for now, I'm very happy.

overall good but functionality needs adjusting

overall a pretty decent system, however, the handle unlocks extremely easily which makes the basket swing while the cat is in there. My cat got very spooked by this and it took a lot of coaxing to get her to hop in again. We had to manually lock the handle in place so it didn't unlock and swing when she jumped in.