Smart Auto Rolling Cat Toy for Kittens Home Alone

Cheerble’s new automated M2 ball for cats is designed to look like delicious ice cream, which is appealing to your feline friend and pet parents. Every colour stands for a different type of ice cream, raspberry, blueberry and matcha. Cheerble M2 – Ice Cream Ball will get your cat feeling the summertime vibe and fun all year round.

Non-stop Fun with Intelligent system

With its automatic obstacle avoidance system, the ball will never get stuck in the holes or trap itself under the sofa. It can always find a way out.

Safe and durable Materials

The Environmentally friendly silicone cover makes it durable, soft, and quiet.


Key Feature –

  • Auto Moving – automatic intelligent companion for cats.
  • 10-min play and 30-min rest cycles.
  • 3 interaction modes to match different pet activity levels;
  • Won’t get stuck: automatic obstacle avoidance sensor;
  • Premium and durable silicone materials, not light plastic;
  • USB rechargeable: 1-hour of recharging

Specifications –

Weight 45 g
Diameter 45 mm
Materials PC, Silicone
Battery 135 mAh