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Fuzzu Splatterbug Cat Toy Frazz

Fuzzu Splatterbug Cat Toy Frazz


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With one calculated swat, Fluffy knocked the curiously glowing beaker of green liquid off the table. In what seemed like slow-mo, it crashed magnificently on the dank and sticky floor. You see, Bob liked his bananas while working and he was in the habit of leaving half-eaten ones about.

As fate would have it, a small cluster of oblivious fruit flies were milling about, directly under the toxic spill. A confusion of smoke, a big bang, and a BOOM filled the room…

Your kitty will relish swatting, squishing, and tossing these freakish fruities! Our secret ingredient…The best organic catnip in the whole wide world!

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Kitties have been known to totally bug out over the FUZZU Splatterbugs FRAZZ with Organic Catnip Cat Toy. Filled with certified organic catnip and replete with eight wiggly legs, this FRAZZ “radioactive” bug will give your fur-baby a swatty, crazy good time. Part of the Splatterbugs series of toys, it comes with a keepsake storybook that tells the nuclear backstory of these wacky bug toys.Key Benefits

  • Wild origin story and keepsake storybook make this toy a great gift to give or keep! Collect all three toys in the Splatterbugs line.
  • Made with 100% US-grown certified organic catnip.
  • Long jiggly legs keep fur-babies batting this bug around for hours.
  • Durable printed felt construction helps this toy take a beating.
  • All non-toxic materials help keep cats healthy while they play.

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