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Go Spot Circular Dog Toilet

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Go Spot Circular Dog Toilet

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Provides a convenient way to train your pet for both indoors and outdoors toileting

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GO SPOT Circular Small Pet Loo
  • Provides a convenient way to train your pet for both indoors and outdoors toileting
  • Toilet training tool suitable for puppies, dogs that are new to living in apartments or elderly dogs that find it difficult to access the outdoors
  • Clean and tidy toileting facility for dogs, it can be conveniently located in bathrooms, laundries, balconies, patios or almost anywhere else it is needed.
  • An outdoor toileting alternative that will help to reduce the incidence of urine scald on the lawn
  • The circular shape works in with a dog’s natural instinct to circle when toileting  – providing optimum surface area for your dog to do their business
  • Simple 2 piece system – composed of a synthetic grass mat, and a collection tray with an integrated drainage grid
  • The integrated grate in the sturdy collection tray keeps the grass mat above, and out of, the collected waste liquid
  • The woven design of the soft feel synthetic grass mat allows urine to quickly pass through it and collect in the tray below
  • Materials included in the mat are naturally antimicrobial and resistant to odour
  • To assist with introducing the patch and toilet training to the dog, it contains a specially formulated 100% organic scent attractant, that will encourage the dog to investigate and explore the mat and tray, and will have most dogs using it automatically
  • The tray is only approx. 2 cm high so it is easy for puppies and elderly dogs to access the mat
  • Includes a training guide
  • The system can be used on its own, or as an alternative, the tray under the grass mat can be lined with absorbent disposable toilet training pads allowing containment of the liquid waste, rather than it being free in the tray
Simple to clean and maintain!
  • Empty and clean once per day (can be done more frequently if preferred)
  • Separate the grass mat and drainage tray
  • If using pads in the tray, remove the soiled pad and dispose of in rubbish
  • If not using pads, then pour away the liquid waste
  • Rinse the tray and grass mat in clean water
  • Leave to soak in mild detergent or urine enzyme cleaner for 30 mins
  • Shake well and leave to air dry
  • Once completely dry, can be reassembled and is ready for use again
  • Before refitting the grass mat into the tray, refresh the grass by brushing against the grain with a stiff brush – will help to promote optimal drainage
Suitable for:
  • Small breed dogs and puppies up to 6.0 kg in weight
  • 60cm in diameter


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