Meet Catit’s Pixi Water Fountain. It’s the cutest way ever to keep your cat hydrated!

This electric water fountain encourages your cat to drink more by keeping their water fresh and constantly moving. The Pixi Water Fountain’s ergonomic design makes it really easy for your cat to take a sip, and its quiet pump won’t disturb your day. Also, did we mention it’s totally adorable???

  • Moving water appeals to your cat, helping them stay hydrated
  • Includes a wall plug and cord, and can also be operated via USB
  • The Pixi’s triple action filter softens your cat’s water, and removes dust, hair and other impurities
  • Quiet pump is suspended in the fountain’s reservoir, to keep water circulating silently
  • A white nightlight in the nose makes sure you don’t bump into the fountain at night
  • The nose flashes red when it’s time to refill your cat’s water
  • Automatically shuts down if it runs out of water
  • The spout is designed to create an arc of water, so your cat can drink comfortably
  • Flat drinking surface allows your cat to drink without dipping their whiskers in the water
  • Replace the filter every 30 days for best results
  • Includes filters to get you started, and replacements are available separately right here

Colours: Light Pink, Light Blue, Stainless Steel
Capacity: 2.5 Litres
Height: 20.5cm