AFP Modern Cat Sweet Tooth Mouse With Crinkle And Catnip Toy For Cats Provides Stimulating Playtime for your Pet

  • Bright and colourful interactive toy your cat will love
  • Two-in-one design with a cute mouse and lolly toy
  • Cats are naturally drawn to the exciting crinkle sound
  • Contains a jingle bell inside for added excitement to play
  • Contains irresistible premium catnip
  • Soft fabric your cat will adore
  • Great for batting, tossing, catching and chasing
  • Stimulates your cat’s natural stalking and hunting instincts
  • A great method of keeping your cat occupied and physically active
  • Perfect mental stimulation
  • Made of multi-sensory contrasting textiles for an exciting assortment of sensory feelings for your cat
  • The toy comprises of a cute mouse with long thin tail and arms, funny elongated nose, and big round ears
  • The mouse is made of soft plush fabric for its body and head, and thin cotton fabric for its arms and tail
  • The mouse is accompanied by a small bon-bon lolly-shape toy filled with catnip
  • Range of bright, fun colours- we will choose the colour for you as a fun surprise!
  • Ideal for cats of all ages