• Comfortable and climbable lounger that all pet reptiles will enjoy. Loungers are made from woven durable, 100% natural seagrass fibre
  • Attach to glass and acrylic terrarium walls. Suction cups create a durable bond. Provides an elevated vantage spot that all reptiles will enjoy.
  • Great for use with arboreal and terrestrial reptile species, and can be positioned accordingly. The versatility of the lizard lounger allows you to position it many ways until your pet is happy.
  • The reptile lounger is the ideal size for Bearded Dragons, Geckos, Hermit Crabs, and many more!
  • The Lizard Lounger will allow your pet to self-regulate their temperature by moving closer or farther from the basking light when you install it on an incline. They’ll know how high to climb!
  • Great texture for when your reptiles are shedding