The APD Difference

Unlike others, Aussie Pet Doors (APD) specialise in both the supply and installation of dog and cat doors into glass windows and glass doors along with a growing range of quality pet products. Servicing installations Melbourne wide and postal services Australia wide, our experienced team can assist you. All have current police and working with children’s checks and are ready to supply and install your furry friend’s pet door.

Aussie Pet Doors are the specialists in glass window and glass door mounted pet doors as trade qualified glaziers also able to install to timber doors ans screen doors with years of experience, we install pet doors for for your small and tall furry friends.

We supply and install Australia’s largest range of popular brands offering a prompt, experienced, professional service all at an affordable price. Wouldn’t it be nice if your pets could come and go as either your or they liked minimising nasty messes, odors, interrupted sleep or costly heating and cooling bills in leaving doors and windows open. Aussie Pet Doors has your solution! Our network of glaziers simply cut a hole in your glass (subject to glass quality and age home), and your furry friends new door is fitted in no time. For peace of mind against future breakage, we recommend safety glass for multi pet homes and larger dogs which is also legally required for all glass which is located either in or next to a door to comply with the Australian Standards.

As pet lovers and owners, to ensure ease of access we offer a professional measuring solution for your pet by customising the position of the hole. For a small pet or property with entry or exit issues this means we can mount the pet door in your glass as low as 60mm from the edge of the glass. Industry norms for the inexperienced can be 80mm-100mm plus from the edge of the glass to the start of the hole so choosing Aussie Pet Doors offers a great advantage ensuring your furry friends ease of access. You can benefit from our years of experience by having your pet door fitted closer to the edge with peace of mind without compromising the strength or integrity of the glass. Need a larger door or even a MEGA door? With pet doors which have a flap height over 600mm (60cm) we can install pet doors to suit Collies, Retrievers, Labs and Rotties up to Grey Hounds, Mountain Dogs even St. Bernard’s and Great Danes. These super strong aluminium framed doors feature a snug fit flexible flap with magnets which hold the flap in place even on windy days. They also come with a solid slide up/down lock in/out panel which makes them a popular choice for pet owners of larger dogs. Check out our service installation tab for Melbourne wide (including Geelong to Sorrento installations) or our store to purchase your door online.

Email or call us now for cost estimate. All we need is for you to take approximate sizes (height & width) of the panel you wish to have your furry friend’s pet door installed into along with the job location and your pet’s breed for a customised professional service.

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