G’day friends and fellow pet lovers,

Water is everywhere…… which means there are endless ways things can get into it!

We have our traditional tap water, bottled spring water, alkaline water, structured water, PH water, deuterium-depleted water, etc. How did something so simple become so complicated?

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Sure, we all have our opinions about which options are best for us. Yet still it warms our hearts to see so many pet owners care about what they provide, not only their own, but their furry friend’s body too.

We know it can be overwhelming sometimes so we’ve done the homework for you.

Let’s start with the basics.

1. Filtering your pet’s water, Why you might want to, and How to choose the best water fountain for your household.

It’s a well-known fact that every life needs proper hydration, not only to live, but to thrive! And our pets are no exception. Dogs and cats also have internal temperature controls which ease the functioning of internal organs and energy regulation. These are all directly affected by their hydration levels. Because their bodies are made up of about 60-80% water (depending on size and breed), which they are constantly losing from urination, salivation and sweat – just like us, our pets need to frequently quench their thirst for these systems to operate at an optimal level and avoid potential health issues.

Luckily, providing a healthy solution for our pet can be simple and cost effective. Research shows that a water fountain is an easy solution to increase our pet’s water consumption, boost hydration and decrease chances of contamination from nasty toxins.

Here are four more reasons why you might consider a pet water fountain.

2. Isn’t my pet bowl good enough?
Pets prefer flowing water.

The first thought that naturally comes into our minds is “isn’t the good ole’ pet bowl good enough for my pet? Why should I spend on a fancy fountain and water filters?”

This is a fair assumption – and one we thought ourselves before we saw the research.

Have you ever found your dog drinking from the toilet bowl, licking a dripping faucet? Or your cat lapping up water from your freshly poured cup of water.

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Studies have shown that animals – prefer to drink from flowing water rather than stagnant water found in a traditional bowl. The original theory is that no matter how domesticated they’ve become, our animals instinctively drink water from real sources, like ravines, lakes, ponds, and water that is in constant flow, not still and stale.

Our pets’ wild ancestors relied on natural sources for drinking water, and running water is safer and less contaminated than stagnant water – imagine drinking water to the beautiful hum of streaming water. It’s like a melodic call that draws your pet in, signalling their primal brains to know what falling water means: “time to drink.” An astonishingly simple solution to a potentially complex health problem.

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Another theory is that it plain and simply tastes better! Whatever the reason, it’s been proven that most animals will choose to drink flowing water over still water, making a water fountain the best way to ensure good drinking habits.

3. “Isn’t All Water The Same?”
Water from a fountain is clean, cool, and fresh.

In addition to pets loving flowing water, water that remains still becomes lukewarm, grows mould the longer it sits out, bacteria, dust, fur and other food particles slowly collect in the bowl. Our pets are attentive creatures and a water fountain erases these common issues because a pet water fountain constantly circulates your pet’s drinking water. This keeps the water in constant motion, making it a cooler (and more refreshing) temperature than still water. Additionally, the water passes through a filter to clean out any dirt and impurities, keeping it clean and fresh – and better tasting and helps prevent kidney disease and urinary infections.

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4. “What’s In It For Me?”
Fountains are convenient for busy pet parents.

Many pet parents find water fountains to more efficient than the regular pet bowl for a host of reasons. Not only does it make hydration easier for our pets, but water fountains hold more water than the standard pet bowl, they also are more hygienic, which means they don’t require the constant daily scrubbing that regular dishes need. Maintenance is a breeze with water fountains! – a weekly clean and a change of filter monthly is all you need to do.

Water fountains come in a variety of different styles and materials, to suit any home decor or size budget. It’s finding one that is right for you – and more importantly, your pets!

5. “Are Pet Fountains Expensive?!”

We asked the same question! Wanting the best for your pet is normal, but sometimes we can’t afford to give an arm and a leg. When we started this business back in 2015, our thoughts were the same, so we focused our energy on creating a more accessible and better life for pets and their owners – sourcing quality products at affordable prices is a huge thing for us. Our fountains range from $50-$170.

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Hydrate With Us Today!

Here at Aussie Pet Doors, our popular range of pet fountains are made to keep your dog and cats healthy, with a fresh supply of H20. With differing heights of reservoir, our thirst-quenchers come from trusted brands and have been designed to cater to pets great and small.

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Stay Pawsome!

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