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shortest to tallest furry friend.
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Aussie Pet Doors Stock the best brands available for
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Stock the best brands available for installation or direct buy through our online store.
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Cat Door & Dog Door Installation Specialists

Wouldn’t it be great if your four-legged family member could come and go with ease, minimising nasty messes and interrupted sleep? Aussie Pet Doors has your solution! As pet lovers and owners, we know there’s no one size fits all brand or standard cat door or dog door. That’s why we offer a tried and tested, multi-featured door range for cats and dogs. Our range will suit almost every installation from the tiniest fur babies to giant breeds upwards of 60kg. We supply, measure and install market-leading pet doors Australia wide. Enjoy prompt, experienced and professional service all at a competitive price.

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Click into the category which best suits the needs of your furry friend. You can view multiple pet doors within each category as we stock and a large range of pet doors Australia wide. Whether you’re searching for Melbourne pet doors, Sydney pet doors, or the best pet door Brisbane has to offer, we’ve got you covered.

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Need A Dog Door Or Cat Flap Door?

Having a dog or cat door installed allows your furry friends to enter or leave your home as you or they desire. This can help to stop nasty messes and odours or being woken by your pet to be let out. From the smallest to the tallest furry family members, our extensive range can be customised to suit the best ease of access for your pet. This is far better for them than the standard one-size-fits-all dog flap or cat flap door because let’s face it; no two pets are the same size. Not to mention, our dog door flaps are far stronger and designed to resist damage by your larger canine friend. For a competitive installation quote, please contact us on 1300 558 577 or via our online form. We look forward to assisting you!

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What Our Customers Say

“I just wanted to say that the doggie door is working a treat and my staffy loves that she can come and go as she pleases. I found Aussie Pet Doors to be flexible with measure and installation times and were very knowledgeable and friendly to deal with. I really wish I had taken the leap earlier. Thanks again.”

“Thank you so much to the staff at Aussie Pet Doors, you can tell you all are animal lovers as the service was personalized yet made so simple. No more getting up in the middle of the night to let my dog and cats out.”


“Outstanding service and product. Much better than my cheaper ones that keep breaking as they weren’t as well made as yours. Cheers.”


“Quick response to get our quote and then to fit. Will definitely recommend you to our friends.”

Matt, Sue and Max the cat

“We are extremely happy with our new dog door. We were worried that our older dog wouldn’t know how to use it but he figured it out within two days. Now I can final get rid of the stains and odour (poor old boy) but finally no more messes inside thanks to Aussie Pet Doors. Many thanks.”

Kelly & Pete
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Customised Installation Service

Our customised pet door measuring and installation process is critical to the ease of access for your pets. As a dedicated team of pet lovers and owners, we try to minimise all issues such as pet age or difficult entry/exit points before they arise. We can produce the holes very close to the edge, which is ideal for shorter breeds and windows or doors with access issues. After all, you wouldn’t position a dog door at the same height for a puppy as a fully grown dog, would you? Our qualified glaziers have many years of experience with different breeds and window or door types.

We’re Here To Help!

We pride ourselves on providing a responsive and highly professional customer service experience for all of our customers. We back this up with high-quality workmanship and attention to detail. Contact us now for a cost estimate on a new dog or cat door. All we need are approximate sizes (height & width) of the panel you wish to have the pet door installed into, along with the job location and your pet’s breed for a customised, professional service. Unlike others, we take the time to determine the pet door hole and height position best suited for your pet.