We all know the benefits of pet doors for us pet owners – being able to go about our day and leave the house without worrying about messes on the floor, good quality sleep without interruptions – these are just some of the ways that a pet door can make our lives easier. But what about the benefits for our pets?

Those of us who love our pets like family will appreciate that being pet parents is not all about us. Our pet’s quality of life is important, and we owe it to them to make sure they’re as healthy and happy as can be. We might put off investing in something like a pet door if we feel it’s only a convenience for us and not them. But that’s not exactly true.

When it comes to your pet’s quality of life, having a pet door can be more beneficial for them than you might think. Here are a few ways that investing in a pet door can make both of your lives easier, happier, and healthier:

The benefits of pet doors for your pet’s quality of life

Some pets have the luxury of an owner who works from home or is retired and can tend to their needs all day long, but for most, this isn’t the case. Sometimes, we need to leave our pets at home on their own for a while. Hopefully, this isn’t for too long at a time, but for our pets, it’s impossible to know when we’ll be back. Without any way of getting outside to do their business, a house-trained pet can easily become anxious. They know you won’t be happy if they leave a mess inside, so it can be stressful for both their mind and their urinary tract to hold on.

The increased independence that your pet will gain from having their very own pet door can free them from stress and boost their mood as well. In the wild, cats and dogs evolved to roam and interact with each other freely, but this is not usually possible for house pets. Being inside all day can leave your pet feeling bored and depressed. But allowing them the freedom to go outside, sniff, exercise, and see the world around them can give them the mental stimulation they need to thrive.

How pet doors can affect a pet’s relationship with their owner

One of the things we appreciate most about our pets is their ability to read our emotions. However, this can have a negative affect on our relationship with our pets when we become frustrated by their needs. With fresh water in their water bowls and a closed door between them and relief, it’s no wonder our pets can’t help but make messes inside from time to time. But when we react with frustration, it can lead to uncertainty, anxiety, or a reluctance to seek you out when they need to go outside.

Likewise, if we feel inconvenienced by our pet’s accidents, or getting up and down to let them out, it can start to take away from the joyful experience of owning a pet. In this way, having a pet door can really improve the bond between pet and owner, reducing a pet’s dependence and increasing their trust and confidence. Give your pet plenty of drinking water, and never worry about messes inside. When your pet is better able to take care of their own needs, you can put more focus into the best parts of your relationship.

How Aussie Pet Doors can help you install your pet door

For cat and dog doors in all shapes and sizes, from small to extra large, Aussie Pet Doors have all the leading brands. Installing Melbourne wide, these experts can place pet doors at custom heights in glass, timber and security doors, windows, and even walls. Whether you’d like a microchip pet door to ensure extra safety, or a Patiolink insert that requires no permanent moderation to your door, Aussie Pet Doors has it all.

Once your pet has their own door and no longer needs to hold on, Aussie Pet Doors has plenty of other health care accessories like pet water fountains to spoil them with. Some pets, especially cats, prefer running water to still tap water. Drinking fountains like the PetSafe Drinkwell Butterfly Pets Water Fountain, gives your pet access to 1.5 litres of water, moving water through a dual filtration to keep your pet drinking clean and healthy throughout the day. Other accessories include stainless steel pet feeders, pet toys, ball launchers, GPS trackers, and easy to clean waste management options.

So, for all your pet door and pet accessory needs, just get in touch with Aussie Pet Doors on 1300 558 577, sales@australianpetdoors.com.au, or check out their range online.