• Nutri Max Turtle Pellets with Gammarus Shrimp 135g. The perfect food to keep your turtles in good shape!

• Rich in vitamin D3 to support a hard shell. Contains Gammarus Shrimp that your pet will surely love

• A good source of vitamins, calcium and quality protein. Provides your pet with a daily dose of health benefits

• 100% satisfaction guaranteed, makes a practical purchase for owners

• Make the best out of your turtle’s long lifespan by maintaining their good health!

Brand: Nutrafin Max
For: Turtle Food
Style: Pellets
Colour: Brown
Size: Pack Size: 7 x 7 x 12CM
Pack Contents: 1x Nutrafin Max Turtle Pellets 135g

• Suitable For Turtles
• 135g
• Pellets with Gammarus Shrimp
• Contains Vitamin D3 For a Hard Shell
• Packed With Nutrients Like Vitamins, Calcium and Quality Protein
• 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Make the best out of your pet turtle’s long lifespan and keep them in good shape! Nutri Max Turtle Pellets is the perfect food to maintain your turtle’s health. Rich in vitamin D3 that is perfect for a hard shell. This nutrition-packed food contains Gammarus Shrimp and provides your pet with a good dose of the healthy stuff. A good source of vitamins, calcium and quality protein. 100% satisfaction guaranteed, making it a practical purchase for owners. Get these pellets for your turtles now!