The Penn Plax Lizard Loungers will be the place for your favorite reptile to hang out and climb around. Made from durable, natural seagrass fibers, it makes for a wonderful addition to any reptile tank.

Create a multi-level jungle gym for your pet by purchasing multiple loungers.

This nifty hangout makes an excellent addition to any naturalistic habitat.

  • Ideal for all social climbers of the reptile persuasion
  • Natural seagrass has an amazing texture that your pet will love – especially when shedding
  • Extra-strong suction cups will hold your lizard lounger in place whether in glass, plastic, or acrylic aquariums, terrariums, vivariums, or simply your favorite window in the sun.


Ensure the surface is clean prior to installation, adheres with easy to use suction cups. Suction cups not sticking? Simply soak in hot water for approximately 5 mins.

Ideal for Anoles, Bearded Dragons, Geckos, Iguanas, Hermit Crabs, and many more (and not just reptiles!)

The Lizard Lounger will allow your pet to self-regulate their temperature and the rough, natural texture are ESSENTIAL for when they’re shedding.

When you install your Lizard Lounger on in incline, your lizard will position himself either closer or further away from the basking light. They’ll know how high to climb.

The heavy-duty suction cups allow you to attach it to glass, plastic, or acrylic terrarium walls giving you access to a dimension of your lizard’s tank that you’ve never used before and allowing you to utilize every space in your habitat.

Easily move it around until your pet finds the right position for them to enjoy. Create a multi-level jungle gym for your lizard by purchasing multiple loungers. Your pet will quickly find their new favorite spot in the house to lounge with the Lizard Lounger by Penn Plax.

Thick, Hand Woven, and Natural Seagrass

Unlike other competitors, the Lizard Lounger is over 1.5cm thick, providing the strongest and safest basking areas / reptile hammock mats for your reptiles.

Strong Suction Cups with Leather Strips

Each Lizard Lounger comes with enough Extra-Strength Suction cups to hold your pet’s new basking area in place. Leather strips are used so you can easily move the suction cups as often as necessary to make sure you’ve got the safest set-up possible.