If you have a sliding door leading out to your garden, you may be under the impression that a doggie door would be too difficult to install. A professional may have to cut into or replace the glass, leading to high expenses, and it might even cause security issues that would lower the value of your property, right? 

Wrong! As it turns out, pet door engineering has come a long way. Experts have addressed all of these potential issues to create sliding glass door pet door options which are easily installed and inexpensive, without posing any of the old security risks. And not only have those past issues been eliminated, but today’s high quality glass pet doors also come with a number of perks as well! 

Here are just a few of the ways these innovative designs can bring convenience, security, and style to the homes of pet owners all over the country:

What Makes Sliding Door Pet Doors So Convenient?

When it comes to the benefits of a pet door, both you and your furry friend have a lot to gain. Allowing your dog or cat to come or go as they please gives them a sense of freedom, reducing their dependency on you and providing much needed mental stimulation and fresh air. Along with your pet’s enhanced quality of life, you also get the benefit of more time to yourself. You can leave the house for long periods of time, or concentrate on other things without worrying about messes on your carpet.

But are these benefits worth the trouble of installation? Well, you might be surprised to learn that installing pet doors for sliding glass doors can be quick, simple, and affordable. With the experienced glaziers at Aussie Pet Doors, you can choose the positioning of your pet door on anything from French doors or timber doors to security screen doors and windows. 

Even if you rent your home and can’t make permanent modifications, there are pet door inserts available as well. Depending on how they’re installed, these can slide along with your glass door and be removed at any time. If installed correctly, they are totally weather-sealed and promote household energy efficiency.

Do Sliding Pet Doors Impact Home Security?

The homeowner’s old concern that pet doors interfere with security is no longer true. These days, a well-designed pet door will not compromise the security of your home. Pet door inserts come with secure locking systems which often make use of your existing locks, while the flaps of most embedded pet doors can be locked in many different ways.

For instance, electronic or smart pet doors provide you with the option to lock your pet door flap from the inside or the outside. You can even put them on a timer, which might be handy if you want to give your pet easy accessibility during the day, but keep them inside during the night. You could also consider a microchip feature if you want to make sure that only your pet has access. This flap stays locked to anything other than your pet’s microchip or collar, including would-be burglars, wild animals, and creepy crawlies.

What Are the Style Options for Sliding Pet Doors?

Reputable suppliers and installers like Aussie Pet Doors stock plenty of products to suit any household. Whether you have a large dog like a Great Dane, or a small cat who could do with their very own window door, you’re sure to find a pet door that seamlessly blends in with your home’s interior and exterior decor. 

Modern pet doors are crafted using high-quality materials, with either minimalist or decorative looks. Some of the style options at Aussie Pet Doors include different materials to choose from, such as glass, plastic or aluminium, with flaps in different shapes, sizes and weights. Many even come in various colours and finishes, so you know that any new addition to your home will not only be convenient and secure, but will also enhance the overall aesthetics of your living space. 

Where to Shop for the Best Range of Sliding Door Pet Doors

For anyone with a sliding door who’s searching for the widest range of pet door solutions, Aussie Pet Doors has it all. With their online store accessible 24/7, pet owners can shop for the leading brands in dog doors, cat doors, feeders, toys, grooming supplies and much more, all from the comfort of their homes!  

And when it’s time to install a pet door, Aussie Pet Doors are specialists at sliding glass door installation. Their expert glaziers and frame manufacturers will ensure your new pet door is at the right height to prevent any back issues for your furry friend, while also taking care to leave your home looking its best. Focusing on convenience, security, and style, they offer tailored installations for households across Melbourne.

But no matter where you are in Australia, Aussie Pet Doors can connect you with sub-contractors and personalised guidance. So, if you’d like all the perks of a pet door for your sliding glass doors, just visit the store at australianpetdoors.com.au, or get in touch on 1300 558 577.