Our feline companions play an important role in our lives, bringing us joy, companionship, and even health benefits. They provide us with unconditional love and emotional support that greatly contributes to our well-being. However, in order for our cats to bring us joy, they need to be healthy and happy themselves!

This means investing in the right products to take care of them and enrich their lives, like nutritious food, cosy beds, fun toys, and regular veterinary care. It might seem like a big financial commitment, but by keeping our pets comfortable, we can enjoy a truly fulfilling and mutually rewarding relationship. 

One such pet accessory you might have heard about is a drinking fountain for cats. But are these accessories really better for your furry friend than a regular old water bowl? Well, let’s find out:

The Benefits of Cat Water Fountains

Just like people, cats need to stay hydrated too. In fact, if they don’t drink enough fresh water, your kitty might even develop some nasty health problems over time, such as urinary tract disorders, or kidney disease. Simply leaving out a bowl of water might sound like the best way to prevent dehydration, but this is not always the case. 

In the wild, cats prefer to drink from moving water sources. This is because stagnant water often carries harmful bacteria, and even domesticated cats instinctively know that drinking from running water sources is cleaner and safer. So, if their only water source is a bowl, they might be more likely to drink infrequently, or in smaller quantities. 

Along with enticing your cat to drink more, the circulation of water in a pet fountain also helps to stop the growth of contaminants and enhance their water quality. If you’ve noticed your cats preferring to drink from a running tap while turning their nose up at still water, a cat water fountain will probably bring great benefits for them.

How Do Cat Water Fountains Work?

Cat drinking fountains work by using a pump system to circulate and filter water, creating a continuous flow of fresh, clean H2O for our feline friends. As the water flows, it’s often carried through replaceable filters, which help to remove debris and ensure purity. A water fountain for your cat will typically have a reservoir that holds the water, and a hidden pump that propels it through various channels or spouts, creating movement that encourages your cats to drink

Although the sound of running water will attract your cat, a noisy motor probably isn’t on the list of things you’d like around the house. For this reason, many high quality pet fountains are designed to minimise noise, with custom silicon mats to dull any sounds of vibration. The quiet purr can easily be disguised by the calming sounds of natural water flow, or switched off during the night to provide still drinking water.

Many are also ‘whisker friendly’, which means they provide a flat drinking surface to keep your kitty’s sensitive whiskers from getting bent or wet. They’re designed to be easy to clean, with ceramic, BPA-free plastic or stainless steel materials.

What Types of Cat Water Fountains Are Available?

Pet drinking fountains have undergone lots of advancements in recent years, offering a variety of new and helpful features. These include different flow settings – like gentle flow, bubbling top, or calm stream – as well as dual-action or 3-stage filtration systems which work to soften tap water and capture stray hairs, sediment or debris. 

Some fountains even come with inbuilt technology allowing you to monitor your cat’s water supply and drinking habits through your smartphone! As most owners know, cats are notoriously secretive about their self care. So, when it comes to vet visits, this kind of information is invaluable. 

Many brands also showcase a number of unique aesthetic designs to suit any pet or household. From cat-face bowls with light-up noses that flash when they need refilling, to multiple streams and circular bowls for households with more than one cat, there are plenty of choices. Reputable suppliers like Aussie Pet Doors ensure that you’re bound to find something which suits your personality and meets all of your cat’s needs at the same time. 

Where to Shop for the Best Cat Water Fountains

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