Everyone who loves their pet would agree that pet safety should be the number one priority. Getting our pets microchipped is one of our first responsibilities as a pet owner, giving us peace of mind against several worst case scenarios, but most of us don’t think much about microchips after they’re implanted. Unless our pet goes missing, they’re only a precaution.

However, you may be surprised to find that microchips can be useful in other ways. An electronic pet door might seem a bit high tech, but in reality, they’re easy to install, easy to use, and surprisingly affordable. If you’d like to know more about this popular option for pet safety, here are a few reasons to make sure your pet is microchipped and a few benefits of getting a microchip pet door:

The benefits of microchip identification for pets

In case you may have skipped this valuable step in the process, it’s good to know the benefits of getting your pet microchipped. Not only will this ensure that you can enjoy the convenience of a microchip pet door, but it also provides permanent and reliable identification for your pet. Collar tags are also important for this reason. Often, these are the easiest way for a lost pet to be returned quickly. But due to being easily removable, there are some situations where they fall short.

Microchips increase the chances of a lost pet being reunited with its owner, no matter what the circumstances. This short, once-off procedure can help to prevent pet theft by giving you the means of legally reclaiming your precious dog or cat in situations where ownership is called into question.

The benefits of microchip dog doors for pet safety

In some cases, a microchip can make all the difference for your pet’s safety, but a microchip doggie door or cat flap can have safety benefits as well. Not only are they a convenient way to give your pet access to the home and garden, but microchip pet doors also work to keep your home safe for you as well.

A non electronic dog door is basically just a hole in your home’s security with an easily movable flap, and if your dog can go in and out, so can other things! This might not seem like such a big deal when it comes to small dogs, but in Australia, this could include anything from huntsmen spiders to dangerous snakes. If you have a particularly large dog, this could even include burglars. Microchip dog doors stop anything other than your pet from entering your home.

How microchip dog doors work

Microchip cat doors and dog doors work by using a sensor to detect when your pet is approaching. A good quality microchip pet door will have a range of different settings, giving you better control over your pet’s movements. For instance, you may only want your pet to have free access during certain hours, so you can program the door to lock itself at other times. Or you might choose for the sensor to only operate from the outside.

Good quality microchip pet doors open for multiple pets as well. If you have a multi pet home, it’s a simple enough process to program all of your pets microchip numbers into the control system. Most run on batteries, with a blinking light feature to let you know when they need to be charged.

Your range of microchip doors with Aussie Pet Doors

If you have any more questions about microchip pet doors, or if you’d like to organise an installation, Aussie Pet Doors are here to help! Shipping pet accessories all over the country and installing in homes across Melbourne, this team of pet loving experts have everything you and your pet could need. Whether you have glass doors, security screens, timber doors or glass windows, installing a pet door is easy with Aussie Pet Doors.

Ensure your home is safe as possible for your furry friends. With trade qualified glaziers and experienced specialists, you can decide how far from the door frame you’d like your pet door installed, or how high off the floor. Enjoy the freedom and security of a microchip pet door, with customised placement and a professional finish. Just call 1300 558 577, or email sales@australianpetdoors.com.au.