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Aussie Pet Doors APD Clear Super Tough Cat Flap & Small Dog Door – 4 way locking

Aussie Pet Doors APD Clear Super Tough Cat Flap & Small Dog Door – 4 way locking

Aussie Pet Doors APD Clear Super Tough Cat Flap & Small Dog Door – 4 way locking

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This pet door is for pet lovers by pet lovers suiting cats and smaller dogs and ideal in a multi sized pet home. Customers love how this particular small door has a more generous flap size compared to it competitors which allow larger cats and small-mid sized dogs to use a small dog when security factors are a concern with medium sized doors. Please call or email to discuss your Melbourne wide installation needs or purchase via our online store for DIY. Read on for further information.



Small Round Door Specifications:

Flap Size:
Height 205mm x Width 185mm

External Door Size:
295mm in diameter

Glass Hole Size:
267mm in diameter *the same as the Transcat cat door but can also be simply modified to suit holes as small as 245mm if you are upgrading from a similar round broken pet door.

This robust cat and small doggie door works really well in a double glazed unit installation covering the internal black silicone seal and providing great draft stopping features. This pet door will work in a sliding door or the fixed panel next to a sliding door.

Pet Door Features:
  • Super quiet action compared to other small doors which frighten our smallest friends
  • Easy to remove flap for training first timers and cleaning
  • Strong flap and hinge design
  • More generous flap size than most clear round small pet doors
  • 4 way locking design – in/out, in only, out only, locked
  • Brush weather seal prevents drafts and dust
  • Robust UV stable, 100% poly-carbonate construction ensures a virtually unbreakable flap
  • UPGRADED Version Dog Door – from the old standard Transcat Cat Door
Best Recommended Pet Size:

These super strong cat and smaller doggie doors ideally suit pets including cats and smaller breed dogs up to about 10kg.


Dogs do vary in size even within the same breed, so the above list is a guide only. The best way to find the right size for your pet is to cut the dimensions of the flap opening out of a piece of cardboard and see which size your pet is most comfortable going through. You must always keep in mind a cat or dog should be able to walk through at a natural level without having to jump or duck down where possible and it is most important no part of the dog hits the top of the flap as he/she enters/exits. If your dog is still growing (i.e. under 6 months), feel free to consult one of our friendly staff if you are not sure on sizing.

Additional information

Weight 0.50 kg
Dimensions 33 × 30 × 3 cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Great alternative to Transcat for a tricky install

We were really glad to find this product after hours of searching. Due to a narrow glass door, only the Transcat door would fit the space but the flap size was too small for our 8kg dachshunds. Our local glazier was happy for us to supply this door as a substitute and our dogs fit through well.
A few small gripes with the product - the flap swings inwards in the wind as the magnet isn't strong enough. We are in a high wind area so this is understandable and we are able to use the one way lock if its raining or cold. The dogs have also managed to knock the flap off the hinges a couple of times when they are enthusiastic about visitors. I'll be purchasing a spare door just in case they damage it, but we are hoping with practice this won't happen as much!
Overall we are happy customers!