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SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Connect + Hub SET – App Controlled Microchip Technology

SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Connect + Hub SET – App Controlled Microchip Technology


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It’s here! The WORLDS first app-controlled Microchip Pet Door which allows you to connect the Hub to a spare port on your home router. The Hub acts as the link between the pet door and the internet. When your pet interacts with the Pet Door Connect it will let you know. You can also control when your pets are allowed to leave. The Sure Petcare app provides you with notifications and reports on your pets location and activity. Read on to learn more.


Get the Pet Door Connect and Hub Value Bundle so that you’re all ready to go.

Value bundle Connect Door & Hub set – this package deal

Designed for large cats and small dogs
SureFlap already makes a pet door which only unlocks for the correctly microchipped (or RFID-collared) pet but they’re goingone step further with an app-controlled version of their microchipped pet door (designed for small dogs and cats).The Microchip Pet Door Connect will have a companion app that enables you to remotely lock/unlock the door from anywhere – e.g. you can schedule a curfew time to keep your pet in at a specified time of day (great for cats at dusk!).

Owners will be able to receive notifications via the app when their pet leaves or enters the house, the app will log and track these comings and goings over time —with the potential to flag up changes in behaviour.

A minimum 1Mbps home broadband connection is required for the pet door to function, plus a spare Ethernet port to plug in the Hub device. Access to the app can also be shared with others, such as a pet sitter. The hub is link between your Connect door and the Sure Petcare app, enabling you to control Connect products using the Sure Petcare app. Includes mains adaptor and ethernet cable.

For Bundle offers we supply the Connect Door & Hub value set plus stock the Connect Door on its own too, please see the Microchip Pet Doors & Accessories link under product categories for further detail.

Other products coming soon can also be linked to the hub. Remember we also stock both the glass mount adapter and wall tunnel extenders to complete your installation process and install these highly recommend pet doors Melbourne wide.

The link between your Connect products and the Sure Petcare app
Enables you to control your Connect products using the Sure Petcare app
Plugs into your WiFi router using an ethernet cable (included)
Add up to 10 Connect products to your household
Dimmable ‘ears’ which also flash for notifications
Mains powered
The Hub acts as a link between the Pet Door Connect and the internet
When your pet uses the Pet Door Connect it sends the information to the Hub
The Hub communicates with your Sure Petcare app via the internet – wherever you are!
Control the Pet Door Connect from your phone and get notifications from anywhere in the world!

Enrich your pet’s life, protect your home and connect from anywhere
Ever wondered what time your cat came in from their morning prowl?
Wished you could rush home and lock the cat flap during a thunderstorm to keep your cat safe inside? Or wanted reassurance that your cat was coming and going normally while you’re on holiday?
Once linked with the Sure Petcare app you will be able to do all of this and more from your phone.
So that whether you’re at home or away you can relax in the knowledge that your cat has the freedom and security they deserve.

Installation is easy. Check out our videos and photos for other useful information to help you install your pet door.

Installing the pet door into glass

Installing the pet door into a door

Installing the pet door into a wall.

Available product also sold separately

The Hub – Works with Connect Pet Door Only

The Connect Door – Will require hub to connect to router and app

Download the app via iTunes or the Google Play Store .

Other microchip doors including larger doors also available.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Oliver Hartmann
Pet door

Sound promising let’s see if it does the job

Lots of nice features but noisy

It is great to be able to pre-set curfew times and to be able to check on the cats to see where they are when we're out. The only issue that we have with the door is that everytime it locks and unlocks there is are very loud clicking noises. One of our cats is very humid so she finds the noise unsettling...but, several weeks in, she is beginning to get use to it.

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