Introducing our medium clear round pet door designed specifically for glass installations, providing a seamless solution for pet access without compromising the aesthetics of your home. Crafted with premium materials and meticulous attention to detail, this pet door blends functionality with modern design, offering both convenience and style.  Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly opening doors for your pet and embrace the freedom our medium clear round pet door provides.

With a cut-out diameter of 385mm, it will fit into your existing holes where the Transcat or Dogwalk used to live. This round pet door is perfectly sized for medium-sized pets up to 20kg, ensuring comfortable passage in and out of your home. The clear construction maintains transparency, allowing natural light to filter through while offering visibility of your pet’s movements.

Whether you have a sliding glass door or a fixed pane, our pet door can be easily integrated into your frame.  In addition to its effortless integration, our pet door boasts a four-way locking system, providing you with complete control over your pet’s access. Choose between in-only, out-only, fully locked, or fully open modes to suit your preferences and your pet’s needs.  For added security, our pet door features sliding security locks, giving you peace of mind that your home remains secure when the pet door is not in use.

Give your furry friend the independence they deserve while maintaining the beauty of your home with our medium clear round pet door for glass installations.

  • Flap size: 285mm x 280mm
  • Overall size: 430mm diamater
  • Cut out size: 385mm diameter
  • Suits pets up to 20kg
  • Comes in unobtrusive clear
  • Heavy duty polycarbonate construction
  • 4-way locking with extra security slides
  • Flap fitted with magnets to keep the flap closed and avoid bugs getting in
  • Equiped with weather seals to reduce the draughts and enable smooth quiet action
  • 12 Month Warranty – excludes wear and tear