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Aussie Pet Doors APD Small Rectangle Cat & Dog Door To Suit Glass, Screen and Timber Door Installation – Black

Aussie Pet Doors APD Small Rectangle Cat & Dog Door To Suit Glass, Screen and Timber Door Installation – Black

Aussie Pet Doors APD Small Rectangle Cat & Dog Door To Suit Glass, Screen and Timber Door Installation – Black


This pet door is for pet lovers by pet lovers suiting our smallest sized furry friends and ideal in a multi sized pet home and for the small dog or cat. We customise the positioning of our doors to allow your furry friends best ease of access, call to discuss your Melbourne wide installation or buy though our online store for DIY.  Read on for further information.


We supply and install Australia’s market-leading dog doors into glass doors and windows, offering prompt and experienced service at a competitive price. Suitable for cats and smaller furry friends, this door works well in a multi-sized pet home. It’s also ideal for the shorter, older dog, so they don’t need to jump through a door. As pet lovers and owners here at Aussie Pet Doors, we offer a professional solution by customising the position of your dog door. Our network of qualified glaziers can measure and discuss the best options to fit your screen door with pet door in no time. Please feel free to call or email us to discuss your needs.


These multipurpose doors are designed to sit flush with your door regardless of its type. Whether it’s a sliding door, window, screen door or a timber door, this slimline product covers any application. The flaps are virtually unbreakable, which is a signature feature in pet doors by Aussie Pet Doors. For added security, frames are fitted with security slides that lock the flap in place. When not locked, the flap is held in place via two powerful magnets which still allow the flap to be used. It also comes with a full brush weather seal to prevent draughts.

Small Door Specifications
    • Flap size – 240mm High x 175mm Wide
    • External frame size – 335mm High x 263mm Wide
    • Glass Central Cut Out Size: 295mm high x 225mm wide. Can also be fitted as a corner cut out or side notch. Please check with the installer for rebate variations to allow correct cutout size.
    • Up to approximately 6-8kgs * See below note and photo examples attached of our installations
    • Suits Cats and small Dogs With An Approx Shoulder Height Of 330mm Shoulder
    • Fitting should always be made with the dogs best ease of access in mind.
Ideally suits
      • Cats
      • Smaller Maltese Shitzu
      • Miniature Dachshunds
      • Toy and teacup breads
      • Smaller West Highland Terriers
      • Similar size breeds also multi pet homes (medium and small dog/cats) or older dogs with access issues.


The clear round small doors are an alternative to this door and have great features too.

**NOTE**Dogs vary in size even within their same breed, so the above list is a guide only. To find the right size for your pet is to cut the dimensions of the flap opening from a piece of cardboard and see which size your pet is most comfortable going through. Your dog should be able to walk through at a natural level without needing to jump or duck too much. It’s crucial that no part of the dog hits the top of the flap. If your dog is still growing (i.e. under six months), feel free to consult one of our friendly staff for assistance with sizing.

Installation Notes

Glass Install – Ideally suits all glass types.* Suits single glazed or double glazed glass.  For double glazed glass the tunnel will need to be added on to successfully complete the installation. Safety glass is legally required for all glass located in or directly next to a door. This is also suggested in multi-pet homes or small pet doors for protection against glass breakage. As this door is of a slimline nature, it works well in sliding door applications allowing the door to slide without restricting the movement of the door whilst still being incredibly tough. The flap is easily removable for training a first-time pet door user and to clean.

Security Screen Door Install – This versatile small dog door can also easily be installed into a security screen door.  It should be noted that a glass fitting and security door installation are designed to work together.  If fitted in the same section to both glass and a security screen, you can use both flaps or one flap at a time. For example, take the flap off the glass door in summer and off the screen door during winter.

Timber Door Install – Suits timber door installations. You will need the tunnel extender in order to successfully complete the installation.

Warranty – A 1-year warranty applies from the date of purchase (subject to proof of purchase date), against malfunction and faulty workmanship to manufacturing error. This warranty does not apply to any product that, in the manufacturer’s opinion, has been improperly installed or used. No liability is accepted for any defect caused by accidental damage or negligence.

Additional information

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Replacement Flap, Glass Installation, Security Screen Door Installation, Timber Door Installation, Tunnel Extender Only