APD Large Rectangular Dog Door To Suit Glass Or Screen Installation

APD Large Rectangular Dog Door To Suit Glass Or Screen Installation


These Large multipurpose dog doors are designed to sit flush with your door regardless of door type. Whether it is a sliding glass door (single-glaze) or a glass window even a security screen door installation,  this slim line door will cover any of these applications. The door flaps are virtually unbreakable, a signature of Aussie Pet Doors range. Available for installation Melbourne wide or purchase via our online store for DIY. Read on to learn more.


At Aussie Pet Doors, we are the specialists in glass window and glass door mounted pet doors for your furry friends as trade qualified glaziers. We supply and install Australia’s market leading doggie doors into glass doors and windows offering a prompt, experienced and professional service all at a competitive price. Wouldn’t it be nice if your four legged family members could come and go as either you or they like minimising nasty messes, odours and interrupted sleep? Aussie Pet Doors has your solution! As pet lovers and owners we offer a professional solution for your pet by customising the position of the dog door. For a short pet or property with entry/exit issues, this means we can mount the pet door very low to the ground which is a great advantage for your furry friends ease of access, especially when they get older. Or for a taller pet we fit the pet door higher so your dog will not hit his or her back on the top of the flap which is a big no no but something we see all too often unfortunately. Our network of qualified glaziers measure and discuss the best options then your furry friend’s door is fitted in no time. Stop being your pets door person or worse and having security issues in leaving doors open day and night and  join hundreds of happy customers and your order today! Check out our testimonials page, this many happy customers cant be wrong!

This pet door is for pet lovers by pet lovers suiting our smallest to largest furry friends and ideal in a multi sized pet home and for the older large dog so he or she doesn’t need to jump though hoops of a smaller door. Please call or email to discuss your needs. Read on for further information.

Rectangular Glass And Security Screen Dog Door

These multipurpose dog doors are designed to sit flush with your door regardless of door type. Whether it is a sliding door (single-glaze) or a window, this slim line door will cover any of these applications. The door flaps are virtually unbreakable, a signature of Aussie Pet Doors range. For added security the frames are fitted with security slides locking the flap securely in place. When not in the locked position the flap is held in place against strong winds when closed, via 2 powerful magnets which still allow the flap to be used by cats and small dogs and comes with a full brush weather seal to prevent draughts, a great feature to this super strong large doggie door.

Large Door  Specifications
    • Suits Large Dogs With An Approx Shoulder Height Of 550mm Shoulder
    • Up to approximately 40kg * See below note and photo examples attached of our installations
    • Flap size – 425mm High x 295mm Wide
    • External frame size – 520mm High x 385mm Wide
    • Central notch glass cut out size – 475mm High x 340mm Wide
    • Typical side notch glass cut out size – (allowing 15mm rebate, can vary) 510mm  High x 375mm Wide
    • Glazier can also fit as a corner cut out – as per our example photos, cut out sizes vary depending on frame rebate.
    • Security Screen Door Cut Out Size (Central) – 470mm High x 332mm Wide
    • Fittings should always be suited to provide the dogs best ease of access.
Ideally suits
      • Collies
      • Larger Staffies
      • Groodles
      • Labradors
      • Brittish Bulldogs
      • Golden Retrievers
      • German Shepards
      • Whippets
      • Boxers
      • Similar size breeds also multi pet homes (large and small dog/cats) or older dogs with access issues.

**NOTE** Dogs do vary in size even within the same breed, so the above list is a guide only. The best way to find the right size for your pet is to cut the dimensions of the flap opening out of a piece of cardboard and see which size your pet is most comfortable going through. You must always keep in mind a dog should be able to walk through at a natural level without having to jump or duck down too much, it is most important no part of the dog hits the top of the flap as he/she enters/exits. If your dog is still growing (i.e. under 6 months), feel free to consult one of our friendly staff if you are not sure on sizing. We install dog doors Melbourne wide for glass and timber installations, please call or email for your free no obligation quote today.

Installation Notes

Glass Install – Ideally suits all glass types* safety glass is legally required for all glass located in or directly next to a door and is suggested for installation for multi pet homes or for large pet doors for peace of mind against glass breakage. We are trade qualified glaziers renowned across the industry for our quality of workmanship, service and fitting the right pet door to suit the pets ease of access. As this pet door is of a slimline nature it works very well in sliding door applications allowing the door to slide without restricting the doors movement whilst still being incredibly tough. This door has another great feature, the flap is easy removable for training a first time pet door user and to clean. Contact us today to discuss your new large glass pet door installation to a glass window or glass door. Please read our testimonials for independently verified feedback direct from hundreds of satisfied customers.

Security Screen Door Install – This versatile large doggie door is also available with a kit for use with security screen installation.  Please see our installation photos attached for screen door fitting examples and attachments to turn from glass installation to security screen installation. It should be noted that a glass fitting and security door installation are not designed to work together. These doors work best on their own or if fitted in the same section of both glass and a security screen one of the doors flaps need to be taken off so only one is in use at once. For example if it is summer then you would take the flap off the glass door and during winter then you would take the flap off the screen door. This allows the home to be protected from the aliments and your furry friend to come and go as they please with no damage to the flaps. Sure there are other doors on the market that suit use together but in our experienced opinion these doors are not as strong, fail regularly (especially in multi pet home for for stronger dogs)  adding to costly replacement parts and don’t have the locking and draft/dust seal features of this great all round large dog door. Our staff are always willing to help you, please feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Warranty – These pet doors have a 3 year warranty from date of purchase subject to proof of purchase date, against faulty workmanship and malfunction due to manufacturing error. This warranty does not apply to any product that in the manufacturers opinion has been improperly installed or used and no liability is accepted for any defect caused by accidental damage or negligence.


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