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I am happy with it as described. I would like to have one with a full clear perspex flap that the dog could see out of before totally happy about going out.( he is a wimp). However as perspex crazes it would be nice to be able to by new flap without having to continually replacing door. Just a suggestion for the future.
Your service and help was excellent

Great Doggy Door

Quick service - Quick delivery too
A great door to use. Thanks

Stainless steel sure feed bowls

I’m loving these new bowls for my cats. Much better than the plastic ones that come with the feeder. Keep up the good work.

I've received 6 emails from Aussie Pet Doors in the 3 days since my my order

Please chill out

Great alternative to Transcat for a tricky install

We were really glad to find this product after hours of searching. Due to a narrow glass door, only the Transcat door would fit the space but the flap size was too small for our 8kg dachshunds. Our local glazier was happy for us to supply this door as a substitute and our dogs fit through well.
A few small gripes with the product - the flap swings inwards in the wind as the magnet isn't strong enough. We are in a high wind area so this is understandable and we are able to use the one way lock if its raining or cold. The dogs have also managed to knock the flap off the hinges a couple of times when they are enthusiastic about visitors. I'll be purchasing a spare door just in case they damage it, but we are hoping with practice this won't happen as much!
Overall we are happy customers!

Altimate Pet Male Wraps
Jacqui Woolley
Male wraps Toy

This is a fantastic product for males. Stay on even when female is on heat. Product arrived within a week.

Dog now on a diet

Fantastic, solved the problem of the dog putting on weight. We now know how much the cats actually eating. Easy to use and loved the instruction book. Also the advice about how to introduce the feeder to your pet.

Still waiting for delivery and installation. Website easy and clear

Item hasn’t arrived

Waiting for the bed to arrive can you provide a tracking number hard to give a review until bed srrived


Works well although the external temperature is high

Great products

Thank you


I received the microchip pet feeder this week and I already love it. We recently got a kitten and my adult cat was stealing all her kitten food. Problem solved! I think I’ll have to get another one as now the kitten is going to the adult cats bowl. The bowl is very straightforward to set up and my kitten took to it straight away, It’s also handy as the kitten has a short attention span and gets distracted when eating, so it’s great that she can come back to her food. The package also arrived really fast.

It hasn't arrived

Well I'm assuming it's good because you have not delivered it.
I will re submit my review then.
But the small tank heater for 8 to 20l that you did deliver aint that flash.
Also hope you deliver the digital thermostat I ordered with the matt

Best solution for our cats

We have a kitten and a 5 year old cat with specific food for his weight. They would always try to eat each other’s food. We bought this to make sure they each eat their own specified food. Easy to set up and clean. Aussie Pet Doors hasgood customer service and quick processing time of our order.

API Algae Eater Wafers 181gm
Florindo Da Silva

API Algae Eater Wafers 181gm

I ordered 7 slings and 1 female adult sp2.5 all of the tarantulas are packed very well in the right sized containers. Which is so good 2c so many places pack tarantulas wrongly.They respond to your emails with fast and helpful responses.I definitely will be getting more from this site..

Batteries for collar

Surprised how quickly it arrived!!
Just miffed how expensive they are and in effect havin g nochoice about supplier if i am to keep using my terrific electric dog door

Great medium/ size bed

Purchased another 2 of these beds, having bought the first 2 years ago.
Really happy to find these beds all match.
Durable and neat looking. My large Cavaliers are very happy to stretch out and snooze but are still able to curl up in the corners and snuggle down.

I can’t yet

I can’t review on something I don’t have yet.

Kit Cat Soya Clump Litter Green Tea 7 Litre

Don’t expect delivery for another week

Pixi Smart Cat Fountain

Haven’t received it yet. Public holiday so no postage or delivery 🚚 . Will let you know when it arrives, and the cat gives her opinion.

Delivery consignment created with no actual inventory

Delivery consignment created with no actual inventory, website poorly managed. The company called me 3 day after purchase but did not leave a voicemail message. I emailed 4 days after purchase then I am only told the product was out of stock.
1. No actual inventory
2. $$ Money debited
3. Five Days wasted