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My two dogs love the new treats

Hasn’t been delivered yet so can’t review it

Great service

The products l needed were easy to find and also a reasonable price.
Thank you!


If installing into exterior door, best to remove door to cut hole. Stacks easier. Dog has used the door several times already even tho I o ly put it in today. Eventually dog will learn she is actually in control of the door. After all, she is in control of everything else around here.


I love the long length, great sturdy poop scooper

I haven't received it yet

Great stuff

Great product and service!

Our usual provider changed the size of their cat doors and when we had to buy a replacement, APD were the only place in Australia that sold the right size. We ordered and received the product in just a couple of days. To top it off, the quality is beyond any other brand we’ve ever used! We bought two, and are so pleased. Thank you!

Drinkwell 360

One of my, "Don't buy stuff when you've been drinking purchases"...
However, when it arrived it was as solid as a brick outhouse. I still thought the whole thing was a gimmick, but when we got it up and running, our dogs AND cats bloody loved it!
The dogs just drink from the bowl itself, but the cats drink from the water flowing from the fountain - cute as hell.
You'll eventually get rid of all the filter stuff as it just impedes the water flow - just clean the whole thing regularly and you'll be really happy with it.
We've had ours for over a year now and it's still on its first water pump.
One of my better drunk purchases.

APD medium double flap dog door

Ordered yesterday and arrived today, using standard delivery. Amazing delivery.
Installed the door this afternoon after priming and painting the aluminium white. Our dog hasn’t used it yet as it is still drying. Will try tomorrow. It is looking great!

Exo Terra All Glass Small / Low Terrarium 45 x 45 x 30cm
Rayannah Wassell

Exo Terra All Glass Small / Low Terrarium 45 x 45 x 30cm

Not strong enough

My nine month old puppy destroyed this in about 2 minutes. The rubber seems strong but is easy to tear apart.

Already have one in our old home needed one for our new home

Very fast and very helpful

I have not received my order !!

FurKidz Deluxe Open Top Pet Carrier Dark Green/Beige 50 x 33 x 29cm
Tina Moore

Haven’t received them yet!!!

Haven’t received the door as yet so a negative response to the service

Too Early

I have ordered and that process was good, but why get a survey before the product is delivered?

Good response so far


Ordered for a customer after said how good the quality and finish was. The ease of fitting is a great feature too.

Haven't received?

Asked to review item that hasn't even arrived?? Perhaps Faster shipping.

Pet-Tek DogWalk Medium Dog Door Glass Fitting Slimline Clear

Delivery was very quick. I have not yet installed, but certainly looks very easy. I also think it is very strong and great for my security fly wire door.

API leaf zone

Great product for a basic fert, has been working well with my plants so will stick with it

Door ok but does not space through wall, inserts only good for a "thicker" door.