How To Find The Perfect Winter Bed For Your Dog

The amount a dog will sleep may vary between breeds, but it’s not uncommon for dogs to spend around 12 hours curled up asleep in their beds each day. Allowing your puppy to get enough sleep is vital for their health, and you can do this by providing a suitable bed. Like humans, dogs can prefer a warm and comfortable bed to keep warm in winter.

Choosing your winter dog bed

Dogs can sleep in a few different ways when it comes to nap time, with the most common being curled up or stretched out. While some dogs enjoy lying on their backs, this is usually saved for when they have a warm spot in the sun!

If your dog tends to sleep curled up in a ball, then the best bed for them is one with sides. These beds will come in two different shapes, round and square. The sides of the bed help keep your dog enclosed, and they provide a warm and welcoming space for them to spend the day or night.

For a dog that enjoys spreading out, you’ll need a flatbed that does not have any sides. Flatbeds come in all different sizes and shapes. When buying a flat or mattress style bed suitable for winter, you can choose one made from plush material.

How to keep your winter dog bed clean

The way you wash a dog bed can depend on a few things. You can detach the covers on some dog beds and wash these separately. You can put the entire bed in the washing machine with other dog beds. All dog beds will come with recommended washing instructions, and you should follow these for the best results.

The best time to wash a dog bed is with the changing of the seasons, as they will take a while to dry! If you need to wash your dog’s bed more than once every six months, it may be best to buy two so your dog has somewhere to sleep while their favourite bed is drying.

Finding the right bed size for your dog

While dogs like Great Danes think they are lap dogs, they need to have a bed that’s the perfect size! The best way to size a dog bed is to measure your dog. The next time they are sleeping, use a tape measure and see how much space they occupy. Please measure your dog from nose to tail and then their width. You can take these measurements and compare them to the dog bed of your preference; you may find your dog fits a medium bed in one brand and a large in another!

How to use a dog bed to reduce odours

Many people will place a dog bed on the ground and leave it there until it is time to wash it. However, dog beds are best kept off the ground, as it keeps moisture and smells away. If possible, use a platform or a trampoline style bed, and place your dog bed on top. This will provide good airflow and keep the bed dry.

If you don’t have a raised platform, you can flip a mattress style bed every few days, and for other beds, you can turn them over when not in use.

Where to buy good dog beds?

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You can find the perfect dog bed at Aussies Pet Doors; why not have a look around and order one or two to keep your dog warm all winter long!