If you have a pet that likes to go outside, you’ve probably considered installing a pet door. You may also wonder if having a pet door is all that important. This article will show you the importance of having a pet door and how it can provide a sense of freedom for your pets and keep them healthy.

Today, pets are considered a part of the family. Gone are the days when people had an ‘outside dog’ or a ‘barn cat’. Attitudes around dogs and cats have been changing, especially with new research that found dogs are family-oriented and not the ‘lone wolf’ as was once believed.

If you have cats, they tend to be solitary, but they’ll often form colony groups and have an established hierarchy in a shared home (or in the wild). Cats also require a certain amount of territory, so if you have more than one and they do not get along, having an additional room (or community areas) available is ideal.

Why you should install a pet door

As pets are a part of the family, we want them to experience as much of life as possible. All pets need to get the highest amounts of joy and activity to keep them stimulated. As people need to work or spend time not in the service of their pets, we can’t always be there to let our pets outside. This fact shows the importance of having a pet door as it allows your pet to choose when they come and go.

With a pet door, your pets can go outside to play, relax in the sun, or go to the toilet. Cats can sit in the backyard and watch birds fly overhead, and dogs can run and get up to all sorts of fun! In addition to your pets choosing when they go outside, there are many other reasons you should install a pet door.

It provides the freedom to choose inside or outside

If your home does not have a pet door, they will need to rely on someone to let them in and out. In this scenario, your pet has limited freedoms. Sure, they can go out when they please, but only when someone is available, and they may struggle to communicate this need effectively. The ability to determine where they stay during the day is wildly important to your pet.

Installing a pet door is very easy. If you’re handy with tools, the job can be completed in less than an hour. If you don’t have a suitable door, you can find pet doors designed for glass and brickwork, but these will often require a glazier or builder to install. The best solution for installing a pet door is to use a standard household door.

A pet door can give your cat and dog ultimate freedom, and the best pet doors can be locked when you don’t want them going out at night or during days of extreme weather.

It helps your pets to be healthier and more agile

A pet door is a relatively inexpensive addition to your pet’s home life. It also means that you are not solely responsible for letting them out whenever they need to use the toilet. Most cats (and some dogs) will use internal toilets, but almost all animals prefer going outside if that is an option!

With the ability to go outside and use the toilet, your pets won’t need to ‘hold it’ for extended periods. Cats are very susceptible to urinary tract infections (UTIs), and if your cat needs to hold their urine, it can add to this issue. Dogs are less likely to hold on in dire situations, and if they can’t get outside, you may have a surprise waiting when you get home!

Allowing your pets free access to the outside means you won’t deal with an extra mess when you get home. You also won’t have a dog that feels bad for making the mess or a cat that needs medical attention for something entirely preventable.

Factors to consider before installing a pet door

A pet door is a brilliant tool to allow your pets free choice for going outside and enjoying their day. However, there are some questions you need to ask before you install one. These questions can include:

  • Why are you installing the pet door?
  • Can your dog or cat escape the backyard, and how can you fix this?
  • What are the council requirements regarding pet doors?
  • Is your garden safe for your pet to access unattended?
  • What style of pet door is best suited for your pet and home (size, colour, etc.)?

Answering these questions will allow you to choose the right pet door and keep your pets free from harm while they spend time outside in your garden.

Another important consideration is the type of pet door you choose. Do you have multiple cats and only want one of them going outside? Then a programmable microchip door is an excellent solution.

You can also install pet doors that have a silent close feature, which is ideal for pets who are scared of loud noises. If you need assistance in choosing a pet door, please contact our team. At Aussie Pet Doors we have an extensive array of pet doors (and other products) suited for any home in Australia.